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Event ID: 11129590
Event Name: NWOYSL Goal Inspection Report 2020 SPRING!
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Restricted: None
Requires Register: Yes
Requires Payment: No
Start Date: 1/1/2020
End Date: 5/31/2020
Event Location:
Northwest Ohio Youth Soccer League
1620 Market Place Dr Ste C
Maumee, OH 43537-4318
Primary Contact:
KimberlyPL Konz-Sarmento
(419) 893-2311 (Home)
(419) 466-2793 (Cell)
Ohio Youth Soccer Association – North, in conjunction with the NWOYSL have established a
“Goal Safety Policy”.

Below is a copy of the “Goal Safety Policy”, along with a recommended “Goal Inspection Checklist”. Please read the policy, and then complete the information below. One “Goal Inspection Checklist” form must be completed for each field that your club utilizes while playing games in the NWOYSL.

AUGUST, 2005

Goal Safety is a priority of the Northwest Ohio Youth Soccer League (NWOYSL). All Clubs must comply with the NWOYSL Goal Safety Policy to ensure the safety of all their goals, and must promote safety awareness among those who purchase, install, use and maintain movable soccer goals.

A copy of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission – “Guidelines for Movable Soccer Goals Safety” will be sent to each Club contact on a yearly basis. It is recommended that all Club coaches receive a copy of the same document from their Club representative. In addition, a checklist for goal inspection will be sent to each Club contact, which must be read, signed and returned to the NWOYSL office before the beginning of each season. NWOYSL requires all Clubs to inspect their goals on a regular basis to ensure appropriate goal safety.

Designated Club representatives are responsible for the physical inspection of each goal. The Coaches for each game are asked to visually inspect the goals before reach game to check if they are safely secured and anchored. Clubs who use goals not owned by their Club, must inform those responsible for the maintenance and safety of those goals of the NWOYSL Goal Safety Policy, and must periodically check to ensure the goals remain in compliance.

Coaches must remind their players that climbing or hanging on the goals is not permitted. Coaches must also remind parents and spectators of the same. NWOYSL members, included but not limited to coaches and players consistently found in violation of this, will be subject to disciplinary action by the NWOYSL Executive Board.

The NWOYSL Executive Board may, on occasion, inspect any goals used for League games. If goals are found to be inadequately anchored, the appropriate Club will be notified and immediate action must be taken to secure those goals in question. League games will be rescheduled on those fields having inadequate anchored goals until such a time that the goals have been properly anchored.

Following are goal safety tips as recommended by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission:

  • Securely anchor or counterweight movable soccer goals at ALL times.
  • Remove nets when goals are not in use.
  • Check for structural integrity and proper connecting hardware before every use. Replace damaged or missing parts or fasteners immediately.
  • NEVER allow anyone to climb on the net or goal framework.
  • Ensure safety/warning labels are clearly visible at eye level.
  • Fully disassemble goals for seasonal storage.
  • Always exercise extreme caution when moving goals, and allow adequate manpower to move goals of varied sizes and weights. Movable soccer goals should only be moved by authorized and trained personnel.
  • Always instruct players on the safe handling of and potential dangers associated with movable soccer goals.
  • Movable soccer goals should only be used on level (flat) fields.

NWOYSL Goal Safety Policy – adopted by the NWOYSL Executive Board on July 21, 2005

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